Wednesday, September 14

My Avatar..

This is the Avatar that i created to represent me. She is tan, has brown hair and blue eyes, as do I. Her hair is a little shorter than mine, but it is the closest that they had. She is wearing a black quarter length sleeve dress with tucks in the lower part. It is paired with a gold high waisted belt. I paired it with some thong sandals that are tan and have gold around the top to pull the belt color in. I think this is a good representation of me because she is demonstrating her love and goodness at fashion design which is my desired occupation. Obviously her name is Kina! :)


  1. Hi Kristina,

    My name is Deena Martin and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama, in the USA. I really like your avatar. You did a great job writing your description about it, also. I think it is great that you spent time explained how you created her and why! I hope you are very successful in fashion design, because it is very obvious that you know about style! Great work!

  2. Dear Kina,
    After reading your "About Me" I really loved viewing your creation of your Avatar! I bet you truly enjoyed doing this assignment since it is very similar to things you will be doing in the future working towards becoming a fashion designer! I love how you kept your Avatar simple, the little black dress is always a great choice and never goes out of style. Your accessories were great choices as well I think! Do you feel that this assignment is a tool that could help you succeed in your future career of becoming a designer?