Friday, August 28


it is so hard to believe that i have had my licenses for 5 month so far... Oh i got a mac... ummm i am on the state champion VOLLEY BALL TEAM.. cheerleader... and soccer... MY BFFS ARE DANIELLE AND TAMMY!! CIS!! B-POW!! :)
my classes at school rock .. umm i am kinda busy so

Tuesday, July 14


I am so excited about the fact that i am getting my licenes on Thursday of this Week!
I think that is the best thing ever!
Well campm went FABULOUS!
We won 1st place and got a bid to nationals in Orlando Flordia!
we were so excited!

Saturday, July 4

Update! :)

Hey Humanity,
Sorry i have not wrote in a while i am busy with the camp preperations. i am going July 7th - 10th i am excited. i am also working and hanging at the bach with all of my friends.. i am soooooo enjoying summer. i do not wat to go back to school!
OMG i got a trampoline i love it... i jump on it all the time. that is so kool!
Well i am going to start blogging lot more but with my licens and friends i do not have that much time... well i am going to go... it is 11:00 p.m and i have to wake up at 5:45 a.m for church !
It is the 4th of july and we watched fireworks on the pier it was so much fun...tomorrow we are having a big "5th" of july party with all the fire works.. i know the owner of the fire work store so he is going to give us tons of fire works and we are going to the pool and then set off fireworks... yay!
well i am so excited about camp.. didi i ever mention it is a CHEERLEADING camp. i am so happy!
I went shopping today and got these amazing clothes and shoes and we(me and friends) were looking and i found the most magnificant bookbag(purse) for next year and i got it.. it is leather but looks like snake skin it is a light dark brown and really shinny it is HUGE and i am going to carry it next year. and i got a computer for next year it is a mini mac. it is so small it is BLACK AND PINK (best colors ever) and i am going to use it next year. i can put my binder, mini computer and books and acessories in that bi9g bag. i am so happy it is SOOOOO cute!
Also the day before yesturday i went to freestyle park we spent the entire day there. and i paid $30 to get in and today since it is the "4"th of july "4" ppl can get it for 17. something and that would be "4.44" per person and that is off the chain and so i went again and had a great time.
Also we went to see the movie IMAGIAN THAT with Eddie Murphy! it is a great movie i highly recomind that to EVERYONE!!! :)
Well there is WAY more to say but i have to get some rest so i am going to go!
Love you all... PEACE OUT!

Friday, April 24

Tammys Eye

Pray for Tammy she hurt her eye and she is in a lot of Pain!!!

Wednesday, April 22


I am listing to Decode by Paramore and i love it. I also love Twilight!
I just wanted to write a random blog....

Monday, April 20


I got an Amazing little mickey mouse from my brother when he got back from Disney world and i LOVE it.... I missed him so much and i am glad he is BACK!!!!
And me and my mom got an Mercedes SLK 350 and it is a white 2 seater and it is AMAZING oh... BTW I named it Amazing Maize the Mercedes. LOL i know i am silly ... :)
Check out me driving the Beautiful car...... !! WAHOOOOO!!!
I am getting my license uhuh uhuh! O yeah!!

Friday, April 17


I am so mad... Michael left for Disney Land because and i never got to say bye, I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!! :)

Monday, April 13


Well Spring Break is over :(
We had school again and i am not used to it... The day just seems so long and it is not very Fun...
But i am soooooo Glad to be with my Best friend again ... I missed her....
But i also miss going to church every day and hanging out with my favorite ppl.... Mrs.Christy and Liam.. and that was a lot of fun... But only 5 more weeks of School till summer... I think i might be able to handle that.. I will Try.... Lol....
I just found out after school today that we have picked out the Cheerleading Camps we are going to ... i am so excited....
Well i have Homework again... UGGGHHH!!!
I am not in the mod for that to star again... :P

Sunday, April 12


Sleep is needed let me tell you that!
I woke up at 4:30 am and i am so sleepy!

Thursday, April 9


So today i went to the movie with my mom... It was great....We ate lunch and spent the whole day together.. Then i went on the boat. with my daddy and grandpa . it felt soooo good.. but my grandpa only had shorts and a T on so he was a lil bit chillie so we decited to come in.... i had a great time.... then i went back to my grandmas house and saw her and my uncle ClarkE and Doranda. It was so much fun..
I love spring break.... then i came home and went to mexican..... YUMMY! :)


My Stomach hurts for the past 3 days.. It is a really subtle pain but it just enough to draw my attention to it.... it keeps me up sometimes at night and i can barley eat because it hurts. I hope it goes away. :( Have you ever felt like this?????

Monday, April 6

Mrs.Christy :)

I had a great day today. I went to market commons with my brother and we ate lunch and then i went to church from 2 till 9 and then i went to see Mrs. Ladonna's little puppy. (Liam loved him ) I spent the entire day with Mrs.Christy and her beautiful son Liam... I had an amazing time...she took me home... And we Got Mickey D's Sweet tea... I wanted it all day and i finally got it. I am going to church tomorrow to hang out with her 2... it will be so fun....I love her and Liam... :)

Sunday, April 5

Rachael B.

Ok so i got skype and talk to my best friend in the world... RACHAEL ! I miss her sooooo much!!!!

Spring Break

Ok so i love Spring Break.... definitely getting to sleep late!!!
Just thought i would tell you that....

Friday, April 3

Spring Break

It is finally here... Spring Break!! YAY!!
Well i am going to charlotte today to see my new baby cuz. Braxton!!
I cant wait... But I am going to miss my family....
No school for a week ... what a dream!
I love spring break!

Thursday, April 2


So i have the cutest baby cousin in the world..
His name is Braxton ... he is 12 days old...
I love him so much!


Have you ever wondered how your calculator knows stuff?I know that is random but come on how does it?? You put in the CRAZYIST (i dont think that is a word... Oh well) and it just pops up the answer. There is not a chance that a person sat there and put all of that in there..... This is crazzy as you sit there and thinkf about it... and if you have never thought about it befor... Think about it and please tell me.... this has been on my mind for weeks!! LOL
I am a random person

Thursday, March 26

Just an Update....

So Tammy is back to school i am not alone anymore....Well Part of Tammy is back.... Her Voice got lost some where along the lines.... O well I love her.. and Sydney!
They are my best friends in the UNIVERSE....
BTW.... I still love you Sydney and will always be here for you.... ALWAYS!!!

Sunday, March 8

who's buying?

Ok...So who wants to buy me a BABY SEAL?
I am not kidding i want one... i mean look at his face!!

So... It's Sunday!

Just got home... we had church today and we went out to lunch. WOW i love Summer... and spring.. it feels so good!!
I am so not ready to go back to school tomorrow.... UGHH!!!
I can't wait till next weekend Me and Sydney are going to the beach.....

Saturday, March 7

This Weekend...

Sooo....ok well i went to sydneys house friday and we went to the mall and ate and then went to clairs and then we went to a movie.. then we went and got Dip 'n Dots...( drip and dots....) and then went to her house and hung out and ordderd pizza and ate that ,... watched T.V got on the computer( i could put her in the catagory Slut...) , music exc... then we put a movie in and went to sleep.... in the mornign we had choclate cake...and then went to luch at zackbys... market commons and them brodway and thn we got ice cream... ( we were stalked by a duche bag....) and we went back to her house and talked and listened to music... and then my dad came and got me... Next weekend we are going to the beach!!
I love her ... She is my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!!!
You rock sydney....

Friday, March 6

Me and Sydney

I am at Sydney's house... we had a 1/2 day and we went to the mall  and ate and watched confessions of a shopaholic and then had dip 'n dots.... then we came home and hung out and had pizza... FUN!!! FUN!!!