Wednesday, September 14

About Me..

My name is Kristina but everyone calls me Kina. I am a senior at CA. I am 17, and will be 18 on Valentines day. My best friend is Tammy Timney. I have a brother named Michael he is a Junior at UNC. I want to be a fashion designer when i get older. I love to shop, cheer, play volleyball and do gymnastics. I plan on going to college in California.


  1. Kina,
    I loved getting to know a little bit about you in your blog. That is awesome that your birthday is on Valentine's Day. That is so much more cooler than having a birthday on a regular day, haha. I am an only child but I wish I had a brother. We have some of the same interests, I see that you like to cheer and do gymnastics, I have danced all of my life and have done gymnastics as well.
    Great post!

  2. Dear Kina,
    I enjoyed learning a little about you! My birthday is in February also, I must admit yours is on a much cooler day than mine. Your best friends name is cute! My best friends name is Jordan Hall, she just so happens to be my older sister as well. I love your dream of aspiring to be a fashion designer one day! I think designing clothes is a great career path, it is not only fun but it expresses creativity and personal style! Being a designer can also help your community, everyone always is in need of clothes! We seem to have a lot in common. I have a serious passion for fashion, in High School I played on my schools volleyball team. When I was younger I competed in two National Championships for Power Tumbling, a sport very similar to Gymnastics. I think you have great goals and ideas for your future! Do you have any other Universities in mind for college?