Monday, October 24


Once upon a time there was a little chipmonk on a tree and then he was playing, and happened to fall off. His mom was so worried, he didnt know how to get back on the tree so he had to live down there the whole time, or in a bush. Finally him mom and bothers decited to go down and live down there with him. THE END! YAY!

What would i learn....

When I would learn anything in the world i think i would like to learn more gymnastics then i already know. I know a lot, but i do not know all of it and i want to. I can achieve that by this by continuing to do lessons and working at it.

After School Activities

My After School Activities are Cheerleading, VOlleyball, Dance, Competition Cheerleading, Club Volleyball, Horse Ridding, Gymnastics, And sketching designs, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, SHOPPINGGGGG!!!! THE END! (: