Thursday, March 26

Just an Update....

So Tammy is back to school i am not alone anymore....Well Part of Tammy is back.... Her Voice got lost some where along the lines.... O well I love her.. and Sydney!
They are my best friends in the UNIVERSE....
BTW.... I still love you Sydney and will always be here for you.... ALWAYS!!!

Sunday, March 8

who's buying?

Ok...So who wants to buy me a BABY SEAL?
I am not kidding i want one... i mean look at his face!!

So... It's Sunday!

Just got home... we had church today and we went out to lunch. WOW i love Summer... and spring.. it feels so good!!
I am so not ready to go back to school tomorrow.... UGHH!!!
I can't wait till next weekend Me and Sydney are going to the beach.....

Saturday, March 7

This Weekend...

Sooo....ok well i went to sydneys house friday and we went to the mall and ate and then went to clairs and then we went to a movie.. then we went and got Dip 'n Dots...( drip and dots....) and then went to her house and hung out and ordderd pizza and ate that ,... watched T.V got on the computer( i could put her in the catagory Slut...) , music exc... then we put a movie in and went to sleep.... in the mornign we had choclate cake...and then went to luch at zackbys... market commons and them brodway and thn we got ice cream... ( we were stalked by a duche bag....) and we went back to her house and talked and listened to music... and then my dad came and got me... Next weekend we are going to the beach!!
I love her ... She is my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!!!
You rock sydney....

Friday, March 6

Me and Sydney

I am at Sydney's house... we had a 1/2 day and we went to the mall  and ate and watched confessions of a shopaholic and then had dip 'n dots.... then we came home and hung out and had pizza... FUN!!! FUN!!!