Wednesday, September 14

Creating your own...

If you want to create your own avatar then all you have to do is a few easy steps. You can go to any website that will let you make one, but i used When you get on it will give you an option to pick male or female. Well obviously you can pick either one you want but it would be smart to pick the gender that you are. The across there are all of these tabs that say Appearance, Clothes and ect. You go from tab to tab and pick all of the things that you want your Avatar to wear or look like. You can change the skin color and eye color and all. That is all that you do. You can also pick a background that you thing describes you. Another cool thing is that you can click on the part that lets you put extras. That is the part where you can add pets, sports and all to define your avatar. This is a really fun experience. NOW GO MAKE AN AVATAR. :)

My Avatar..

This is the Avatar that i created to represent me. She is tan, has brown hair and blue eyes, as do I. Her hair is a little shorter than mine, but it is the closest that they had. She is wearing a black quarter length sleeve dress with tucks in the lower part. It is paired with a gold high waisted belt. I paired it with some thong sandals that are tan and have gold around the top to pull the belt color in. I think this is a good representation of me because she is demonstrating her love and goodness at fashion design which is my desired occupation. Obviously her name is Kina! :)

About Me..

My name is Kristina but everyone calls me Kina. I am a senior at CA. I am 17, and will be 18 on Valentines day. My best friend is Tammy Timney. I have a brother named Michael he is a Junior at UNC. I want to be a fashion designer when i get older. I love to shop, cheer, play volleyball and do gymnastics. I plan on going to college in California.