Tuesday, July 14


I am so excited about the fact that i am getting my licenes on Thursday of this Week!
I think that is the best thing ever!
Well campm went FABULOUS!
We won 1st place and got a bid to nationals in Orlando Flordia!
we were so excited!

Saturday, July 4

Update! :)

Hey Humanity,
Sorry i have not wrote in a while i am busy with the camp preperations. i am going July 7th - 10th i am excited. i am also working and hanging at the bach with all of my friends.. i am soooooo enjoying summer. i do not wat to go back to school!
OMG i got a trampoline i love it... i jump on it all the time. that is so kool!
Well i am going to start blogging lot more but with my licens and friends i do not have that much time... well i am going to go... it is 11:00 p.m and i have to wake up at 5:45 a.m for church !
It is the 4th of july and we watched fireworks on the pier it was so much fun...tomorrow we are having a big "5th" of july party with all the fire works.. i know the owner of the fire work store so he is going to give us tons of fire works and we are going to the pool and then set off fireworks... yay!
well i am so excited about camp.. didi i ever mention it is a CHEERLEADING camp. i am so happy!
I went shopping today and got these amazing clothes and shoes and we(me and friends) were looking and i found the most magnificant bookbag(purse) for next year and i got it.. it is leather but looks like snake skin it is a light dark brown and really shinny it is HUGE and i am going to carry it next year. and i got a computer for next year it is a mini mac. it is so small it is BLACK AND PINK (best colors ever) and i am going to use it next year. i can put my binder, mini computer and books and acessories in that bi9g bag. i am so happy it is SOOOOO cute!
Also the day before yesturday i went to freestyle park we spent the entire day there. and i paid $30 to get in and today since it is the "4"th of july "4" ppl can get it for 17. something and that would be "4.44" per person and that is off the chain and so i went again and had a great time.
Also we went to see the movie IMAGIAN THAT with Eddie Murphy! it is a great movie i highly recomind that to EVERYONE!!! :)
Well there is WAY more to say but i have to get some rest so i am going to go!
Love you all... PEACE OUT!